The Lineage

In modern times this lineage that stretches all the way back to Shiva at the beginning of human existence on this planet and has been handed down from Guru to disciple from the beginning was brought forth by the Avadhut Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, India who gave Divine Shaktipat initiation to Swami "Baba" Muktananda, training and guiding him to enlightenment after which he traveled the world 3 times and became the inspiration for the Meditation Revolution in the 70's. Baba Muktananda was referred to by TIME magazine as "The Gurus Guru" and in 1974 passed that Shaktipat to my Guru, Mahamandaleshwar Paramahamsa Swarupananda, training and guiding him to enlightenment. My Guru who then gave that Shaktipat initiation to me in 2007, trained and guided me to enlightenment and is now empowering me to share this Divine Shaktipat with you.

My Guru was consecrated to the Giri (Mountain) ancient Swami Order of India by Swami Ramananda who was sent back to the West representing the teachings and blessings upon the death of the Avatar Anandamoyi Ma, probably the best known and most influential of the Indian women Saints of this century.

My Guru was the first American born Caucasian man to be promoted to the title of Mahamandaleshwar within Hinduism in 2007. This is Hinduisms second highest ecclesiastical title, of which 80 take responsibility for the many ashrams in the 10 Swami Orders. The only title higher is that of the 4 Shankaracharyas, our organization is under supervision of the Shankaracharya of Kanchipuram, India.

It was upon elevation to this title and worldwide responsibility that the Western Church of Sanatana Dharma was founded as a California 501c3 non profit. This allows all donations to be fully tax deductible.

The objective of the Lineage and the Western Church of Sanatana Dharma organization is to pass our understanding of Dharma and the blessing of Divine shaktipat initiation to any human who is ready to take up the practices and familiarize themselves with the Precepts and Philosophy of those who know,THERE IS NOTHING THAT IS NOT GOD, so they may come to the state of awareness that surpasses mundane suffering and sorrow. It is the state of absolute contentment and Divine Bliss all the spiritual Masters of this planet have always lived and spoken of and from.

There is no fee for our guidance or service. We give it freely as we have received it from the Lineage that lives through us. Donations are gratefully accepted and wisely utilized. On the occasions where some overhead is incurred to secure a venue for a presentation and the travel and lodging of a Swami may be offset by a nominal requested donation upon admission.

We customize the teachings and guidance to you based upon your temperament and abilities.

With great love and great respect,

His Holiness Swami Shivananda Giri


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“The great secret of true success, of true happiness, is this: the man or woman who asks for no return, the perfectly unselfish person, is the most successful.”

Swami Vivekananda

I share with you the Enlightened teachings of my esteemed lineage through teachings of my Guru/Teacher. Here is what He says to you today.....

Since the human experience began some million plus years ago, mankind has had a God Urge. Searching through the Earth soup as the various other inhabitants of this blue orb there has been a knowledge buried deep within the old brain that all of us are connected together in some wonderful way. The first path to understanding this intrinsically knowing connection was Sanatana Dharma, literally translated as the Eternal Way . Without a central organizing corporate type religious right and wrong way to worship and who exactly to worship, it developed a pantheon of Gods, Goddesses, Demons, and Angels that continues to grow to an estimated 8,500,000 celestial beings that are not separate as in pantheism but ONE as in panentheism. There is nothing that is not GOD….a seamless, holographic monism, saying that you are not only part of the divine, but all of the divine. It is like the facets of a diamond that appear different, but are the whole indivisible diamond.

Another metaphor is that of a wave and its relationship to the ocean. At no time does the wave cease to be the entire ocean; it just appears to be different as it crests and enters into that non-separate reality that is the ocean.

We are all on a quest to awaken back to the reality that there is nothing that is not us; that we and everything that exists is not separate. There are no parts, just a whole; an un-beginning and unending ONE that has developed the illusion of separateness.

Many Eastern and Western traditions call this Enlightenment…but you don’t get anything…the ONE truth has always existed and will always exist. No birth, no death, but an eternal appearance of transformation is all that there is and ever will be.

With great joy, love and respect, I welcome you with all my heart; for you and I are truly ONE.

"A grain of devotion is more valuable than tons of faithlessness."